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Welcome!  I’m the Odd Grandma, and here you will find all sorts of odd, mysterious creatures and stories.  From sock monsters to flower fairies, mermaids and GHOSTS, we have a little something for every fantasy lover.

We specialize in creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gifts with a story.  Each creature comes with an adoption certificate, and you can find out about their personality and backstory on our website and gallery.  After you adopt a creature, we encourage you to share your story about your creatures on our social media pages!

We are also starting a YouTube Channel called Interviews with Monsters where you can find out more about these creatures. We are also making how-to-create your own creature videos, which you can support through our YouTube Channel!  Look for a crafting book in the future!

What Can you Find Here?

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They Ate My SOCKS!

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